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Spying the Land…

Spying the Land…

“Follow the Holy Spirit…” That is the refrain that has been ringing in our hearts for the past few weeks. With all of the plans, conversations, rides around the city of Omaha, and connections that we have made, the place we end back up is “follow the Holy Spirit.”

Here is what we’ve come to realize, embrace, and commit to make a hallmark of Church on Purpose; we must remain open to, seek, and yield to the Spirit’s direction in everything we do. That includes the planned and the unplanned, the expected and the unexpected.

As we rode around the city, “spying the land” we attentively looked for signs, confirmation, and direction. And time after time He proved Himself faithful to lead us and guide to the right people and places. The experience has been amazing, reassuring, and filling.

Plase join us in praying for our obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


~Professor Q

Omaha ALIVE!

CoP Alive


After months of planning, last minute hiccups and readjustments, and leaving at 2 am, we finally made it to Omaha after 16 hours on the road!

After getting settled in we ended up watching the movie Boys Town. It’s an older black and white that tells the story of Father Edward Flanagan‘s amazing vision to build a town for boys in need. The movie does a remarkable job of communicating the heart at the core of Father Flanagan’s ministry and how impactful one person can be when they chase the vision in their heart. The movie, which I highly recommend you watch here, shows the growth of the Boys Town vision from 5 boys to over 500. And since we are here in Omaha, it only made sense to take a trip out Dodge to see what Boys Town has become today. That would have to wait until tomorrow though. hahaha

A good night’s rest prepared us for a full day of experiencing Omaha. It started with worship, which was followed by a trip to my favorite place in Omaha Big Mama’s Kitchen. I had the chance to experience Big Mama’s food when I was here back in August and since then I haven’t shut up about it to the others. But even more meaningful than that was having the opportunity to meet, sit with, and listen to Big Mama. Her wisdom and willingness to share played a MAJOR role in my journey to the realization of Church On Purpose. The restaurant was super busy, like it is every Sunday after church, but she still made it out to give hugs and meet the crew. I’m really excited for them and the opportunity we have to go back and sit with her on Tuesday.

Following worship and dinner, there was nothing left to do but hop in the truck and ride out! Anthony drove us around Northwest, West, South, and Midtown Omaha allowing everyone to see that there really is more to Nebraska¬† that just cows and corn! (at least in Omaha) There were a lot of questions asked, some unanswered, but you could smell the smoke from the wheels turning in everyone’s head. They were beginning to put people, places, buildings, colors, and life to their dreams and visions. The limitations were removed and they were beginning to dream even bigger.

What am I talking about “they”?!


We made it back to Anthony’s apartment and closed the day watching the Central Park Five. If you haven’t seen it, you should make it a priority! We shared a meaningful dialogue following the movie and Quentin, Anthony and I wrapped the day with a review of the day’s events and discussion about impact.

There’s so much that happened in that 24 hours that I KNOW this doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. It’s one of those days that you just have to experience. It’s a trip you just have to experience, and I’m thankful that Jene’, Quentin, and Priscilla have the opportunity to see Omaha for themselves.

There have been a lot of people with a lot of questions, most of which don’t get directed to me. There have been a handful of vocal supporters and a number of vocal detractors, most of whom don’t say it to me. But coming here in August, and now being back here again, I AM MORE CONFIDENT IN WHAT GOD IS CALLING ME TO DO AND WHERE HE IS CALLING ME TO DO IT THAN I HAVE BEEN AT ANY POINT IN MY LIFE.

So I ask, what is God calling you to? And where is He calling you to?

You have purpose. Go live LIFE on purpose!

~Coach J