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Parent Resources

The best teachers of Kingdom culture are a child's own parents. Kingdom Kids seeks to serve families by equipping parents and families with basic resources  to encourage the spiritual development of each child. 

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Current Book Study

We were all created to exercise authority in our lives...and we are all answerable to some higher authority. However, our past negative experiences of authority––such as control and manipulation––have produced life–draining emotions such as fear, resentment, rebellion, distrust, suspicion, stress, worry, defensiveness, antagonism, or even dread.
Best–selling author Dr. Myles Munroe turns widely accepted but counterfeit concepts of authority upside down. His biblically–based, time–tested principles will transform how you submit to authority and use your own personal authority.


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Lesson Archives

Continue your growth by reviewing previous lessons, book studies, and more in our Lesson Archives! We're only getting started, there's so much more to GROW!

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Study Bible
As good Bible is essential to your spiritual development. At Church On Purpose we regularly use the English Standard Version (ESV) during worship and study.

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Book Study

Having your own book to read through as we systematically work through each book study really helps the concepts to become clear.

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Supplemental Resources
The more sources you can review with varied perspectives on what you're learning, the more well rounded perspective you'll develop.

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Sunday Streams
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Kingdom Terminology

The way the world defines terms is often VERY different from what they mean in the Kingdom. This glossary provides definitions for terms used in lessons to ensure you understand clearly.

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"Some of the best teaching I've ever heard. I'm so excited to finally be understanding my faith!"

~ Darvel Franklin